From Blue to Better

From Blue to Better

If you knew a child was sad and blue, would you take the time to make that child's situation better? Most people would say yes. But how?

Imagine if something you did today could prevent a child from being abused or neglected tomorrow. From Blue to Better campaign is seeking to engage everyone to learn what steps can be taken to prevent abuse and neglect before a child is traumatized, to show support for local agencies that help struggling families, and to commit to take action to help a child or struggling family.

Looking for Fun Things to Do?

Participate in a prevention activity in your area. Whether you help plant a Pinwheel Garden at your child’s school or hang blue lights on your front porch or wear blue, it is easy to get involved and show your support.

For a list of what's happening and how you can be involved, check out our Events page.

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Child Abuse Prevention.

To prevent child abuse we, as a community, must create an environment where children can be safe, healthy, and nurtured. In Northwest Florida last year, 4,462 children were provided service for verified abuse or neglect...

To learn more about the signs of child abuse or to get parenting tips, go to our Parenting Tips page.

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No Child Should Ever Be Blue.

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